De Wagon has an open kitchen from which all our dishes are served, and we have three possibilities for seating. You can reserve a spot at our comfortable dining bar, the beautiful carriage or in a spot in the original old coupe. When the weather allows it, we like to use our unique large terrace (200m2), where we have enough space for you to enjoy a delicious snack and drink. If you make a reservation to sit inside, we will also reserve a spot on the terrace for you so you can eat outside if the weather is nice.


Travel information for Sunday – Thursday: We don’t use departure times during dinner, so you can decide for yourself when you want to arrive.

Travel information Friday – Saturday: During dinner, we work with two departures. You can make a reservation for the first train journey, which departs between 16:00 and 18:00 (you can determine the exact time yourself) and arrives at the destination around 19:30/19:45. The second journey departs from 20:00 (again, you can determine the exact time yourself), and possibly transitions into the night network 😉


Book your journey directly below or call for a spot: 013 203 5051




Sit at the comfortable dining bar, where you have a view of the open kitchen. Most places are suitable for 2 people. 



In this part of De Wagon, you can imagine yourself in 1930. We have places suitable for 2-4 people on the train’s authentic booths. If you want to come with more people, we recommend calling so we can reserve two booths next to each other. When you’re only coming with 2 people, we guarantee 1.5 meters from others. 



Deze prachtige ruimte bevindt zich in een Nederlandse trein uit 1900.  Deze ruimte beschikt over tafels die geschikt zijn vanaf 2 personen t/m 24 personen. 

Groups – This separate carriage can also be hired exclusively for private dining, meetings, and drinks. Please contact us for the possibilities. contact op voor de mogelijkheden.