At De Wagon, we serve creative dishes with an efficiency that matches a train. 

It is possible to make a reservation. But you’re also welcome to come spontaneously hop on the train!

When the weather permits, we like to use our unique terrace. A reservation is sufficient to be able to get a spot for dinner and for outside. We have more seats on the terrace than in the train itself.

Travel information for Sunday – Thursday: We don’t use departure times during dinner, so you can decide for yourself when you want to arrive.

Travel information Friday – Saturday: During dinner, we work with two departures. You can make a reservation for the first train journey, which departs between 16:00 and 18:00 (you can determine the exact time yourself) and arrives at the destination around 19:30/19:45. The second journey departs from 20:00 (again, you can determine the exact time yourself), and possibly transitions into the night network 😉

Do you have any allergies?

Report it to us, and we'll provide the same train ride!